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Tonight, the world has learned that at least 40 young Jewish children,

including babies, were slaughtered

by Hamas, some even beheaded. I can hardly even type

those words without crying.

I have two young grand babies sleeping in the other room. The heartache is

felt around the world.

I just listened to Rabbi Jason Sobel on TBN. He is so wise and I recommend him to you.

He shared the meaning of 'hamas' in the Bible. It means violence. He talked about the

violent spirit of Hamen coming from the Persian empire (Iran) to commit genocide once

more against the Jewish people, God's covenant people.

Rabbi Jason reminds us that we must always 'choose life'.

Another Rabbi on the news reminded us that we must always choose hope. The jews

have often been given the grace of hope, even when hope seemed impossible.

So, let us all join with our covenant friends in Israel and pray for life and hope. Let us join together in the power of prayer to the One who is the Prince of Peace, the Almighty One, the Victor, the Rock, the Giver of Life, the Hope of Israel, and the One who will go before the armies to bring victory to end the demonic violence. Amen.

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