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A 40-Day Journey with Glenn Beck

I do not believe in coincidence. Years ago, I was watching my favorite news guy, Glenn Beck. He was interviewing Joel Richardson of Joel's Trumpet. They had a chalkboard showing the similarities between the end times events of the Christian Bible and of the Shia beliefs. It was stunning. It quite literally rocked my world.

So what you say??

Well, it started this road I have been on of that many years researching the eschatology of the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths and how they overlap, intersect and intertwine. It is nothing short of amazing.

So, one of my characters is based on Glenn Beck, and is a radio talk show host who has accurately predicted the 'BlackSwan' events that unfold in book one, Day of the Lion.

Recently, Glenn has started a wonderful study entitled 'A 40-Day Journey with Glenn Beck' to get America back to its covenant with God.

Let's join him, shall we? I am.

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